Northern Pine Longboards started up in 2008 and has been crafting handmade works of shred for the last five years. Owned and operated by Minnesota native Bryan Williams, NPL is a homegrown company seeking to keep skaters rolling 7 days a week. The secret’s out: it’s cold during Minnesotan Winters. As a result of that, us Midwesterners appreciate the sunny skating days as much as anyone you’ll meet. Northern Pine tries to put that same enthusiasm into every product we make. Each deck is prototyped and tested, each wheel is extensively shredded, all to measure up to the standard which we feel Northern Pine represents. We put our name on it because we back it completely. Northern Pine is a skater owned company. We do what we do 100% for the community. We’re here for every skater out there bombing highways, shredding alleyways, pushing the around lakes, or hustling to campus and back. With a more diverse lineup offering than we've ever produced before, we think you’ll be stoked wherever you’re trying to skate. NPL has you covered on every base. Got ideas/questions/wanna say hi? Drop an email, we love hearing from shredders.